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“Should I Replace Both Garage Door Springs?”

Yes. You may be tempted to save money on parts and labor by replacing just one spring, but you’ll likely need to replace both when one spring breaks.

Garage doors have two springs, one on either side of the door. The springs exert the force that makes the door light enough to be lifted. When one garage door spring breaks, many homeowners wonder if they need to replace both springs or if they can replace only the one that malfunctioned. Read below to learn why you should always replace both garage door springs when one breaks.

Why Is a Balanced Garage Door Important?

Springs keep your garage door balanced, ensuring that both sides of the door rise up and down at the same time. If one spring breaks, it throws off the function of the door. The two sides will rise and fall at different speeds.

You’ll hear more noise when you use the garage door, and the other spring will wear down faster with the higher workload, trying to balance out the issues on the other side of the door.

The average life expectancy of a garage door spring is about 10,000 open and close cycles. For most garages, that means about seven to nine years, but some springs break within four or five years with frequent use.

If you notice increasing gaps between the coils in your springs, consider it an indication that the springs are failing and may need replacements.

What Is the Danger of an Unbalanced Garage Door?

If one spring breaks, there are several things that can occur:

  • The door may close suddenly.

  • Loose springs can crack or fall out of the brackets.

  • The door may speed up or slow down, becoming unpredictable and putting you and your family in danger when you try to enter or exit the garage.

Having a malfunctioning spring can lead to warping on the tracks due to wear on the wheels. The motor can also experience greater demand for its power when the garage door is being pushed up, which means it will need to be replaced sooner.

Can a Garage Door Operate With One Spring?

No. Both springs must work together to pull the garage door up and bring it down gently. When operation relies on one spring, in addition to presenting safety concerns, it can also lead to wear and tear on the door.

You shouldn’t try to balance a garage door yourself. While replacing both springs is critical for your door to function again, only a professional can provide the repairs you need. Garage door repair technicians understand how to perform tests on the door’s balance.

Garage doors are heavy, often weighing hundreds of pounds, and you don’t want to put yourself in harm’s way. The safest option is to get help with the replacement of both springs.

Contact Garage Door Pros for Spring Repairs and Replacements

Now you understand why a balanced garage door is essential. It protects you and your family.

If you need assistance replacing your garage door springs, give Garage Door Pros a call at 425-200-5902 or contact us online to schedule service.

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