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Garage Door Maintenace & Tune Ups

Get A Garage Door Tune Up Today!

Periodic garage door maintenance is the best way to prolong the life of your home’s garage door. Over time, your home’s garage door may begin to show signs of wear and tear. This includes louder than normal operation, grinding of parts or wheels on garage door tracks, fraying of garage door cables and worn out garage door openers.

A tune up can help address these common issues by lubricating moving parts, checking for excess friction and ensuring your door is running smoothly and quietly.

This maintenance can help prevent untimely repairs such as broken springscrashed garage doors and more.

The Benefits of a Garage Door Tune Up

A Garage door tune up can save the time and hassle of an inconvenient breakdown due to unaddressed issues. If your door is left too long it may break, causing it to crash down and cause damage to other items in your garage. 

A tune up can help reduce or remove annoying squeaks or grinding. This can help take pressure off of your garage door opener, giving it more life and saving yourself time between your next opener replacement.


Contact Us For Your Next Garage Door Maintenance

If your door is showing signs of wear, or you are concerned that it is not operating the way it should, trust Garage Door Pros to get your door running optimally. Our professional garage door techs, will help diagnose any problem areas and give advice on the life of your door. When we leave your home we ensure your door is running like new, the way it should.

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Garage Door Pros is the top choice for garage door repair services in Kirkland and the King County Area. Contact us today—give us a call to speak with a friendly member of our expert team, or fill out our online form now. We will help you set up an appointment for a free and no-obligation estimate.

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